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eXternal by Friulparchet is a range of parquets for outdoor floors including different products for different purposes. Friulparchet wanted to meet the need to create a space to enjoy one’s free time outdoor, in the nature. The selection of wood species used for eXternal can be harmoniously integrated with all environments, and also particularly adapted to be used for green housing and landscape architecture. Friulparchet’s aim is to accentuate the use of wood for all small and large outdoor works with natural materials, as an alternative to concrete, ceramics or plastics.

Sizes available

FriulDeckeXternal FriulDeck
Supplied with non slip millings and cuts for clips
Sizes mm 18/20×90/120×1000/2500 ca
Weight/sqm 13/16 kg approx.

Wood species available

WPC floor