Friulparchet at Casa Moderna

Nine days reserved to home design: 63rd edition of Casa Moderna is starting soon and Friulparchet has decided to be present also this year. “Live with passion” is the value proposition of this year, concept to which we really believe. Friulparchet, from four family generations, meets idea of a home as place where to live, to animate, customize and in order to satisfy the customer styles, has always invest in innovation of: materials, finishes, processes of shapes and colours. Parquet is wrongly matched with idea of lightness and fragility, sometimes it is discarded because of the worry to ruin it. But, parquet is an extremely comfort and functional solution also for family who have children and domestic animals: with simple precautions can keep its beauty for a lot of years. So, to choose a quality parquet is a way to live home with naturalness and passion. Same that from always we use in our job, to offer always improved products. Come to visit us at Padillion 9, Pavia di Udine Impresa, to discover our collections.