New web site 2016

Friulparchet is a company that has reached the fourth company generation, well-established on territory but also involved to international markets, as is possible to see from our Testimonial. But what is market today? Market are also conversations developed on the net about your products, your services. Someone supports that if you are not on the net, you do not exist. Overlooking philosophical arguments not suitable for this context, we want to be present, both on territory and on the net because we want that quality of our products reaches all the places where some years ago was impossible to arrive. So, this is why we have decided to invest time, sources and energies in a new web site with concept to give emphasis to our professionalism to make navigation much more easy as possible.  New web site will be responsive, so usable also from mobile, in two languages (Italian and English). Its strongpoint stands in catalogue: navigation can be for: Collections, Sizes, Wood species, Colours, Finishes and Selections, a wide range of combinations that are our winning proposal.

We don’t want to disclose more; we invite you to discover by your self our world, our passion, our life.

Enjoy it!