Going back to the roots

History of Friulparchet starts in 1927 and it is the story of a family that for four generations has dedicated its life to discover all the secrets of wood processing and manufacturing of parquet. Traditional attention for details, research of the excellence finishes, careful selection of trees in the different origin countries, come from passion, from a perfection desire handed down from father to son.

Looking to the future

A main feature for the development of the company has been the attention paid constantly for innovation that has brought to the progressive development of technologically advanced manufacturing technologies. The advanced technologies together with the sensibility for development of the world of architecture and design, have become much more important com- pared with the past and have been realized in the proposal of prestigious and modern products ranges.

Defending Nature

Friulparchet helps the preservation of the natural heritage of our planet, checking that the woods, that are used for its parquets, come from environmental-sustainable forests and that materials applied for gluing and finishes, are manufactured in respect to the most strictly norms for the health-safeguard